Rural Banks Prepare for Pricing Transparency

In preparation for the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) regulation on effective interest rate calculations, Ms. Leila Deles of Microfinance Transparency (MFT) showed how this regulation impacts on how interest rates are disclosed to clients and the profitability of microloans.

Ms. Deles set the context of the session by emphasizing that pricing transparency refers to the terms and the condition where financial products are disclosed to clients in a manner that allows both accurate understanding of prices and comparison of different products. She also provided information on the promotion of transparency, data collection, standardization of pricing calculations, and development of educational materials to support this initiative. More importantly, MFT consulted with regulators and policy makers to establish the basis for pricing in the microfinance sector.

She also gave updates on MFT’s transparent pricing initiative in the country by showing the different perspectives about transparency from regulators, investors, and clients. In …