Sharing Experiences Using Mobile Money to Enable Banking Services at Next Bank Asia Event

On May 9-10, 2012, I had the great honor of speaking at the Next Bank Asia in Singapore that was all about the future of banks, financial services, and money. The conference focused on the changes in the consumer market, fast evolving technology, and the key factors that are changing the financial services landscape.

The conference included some of the real movers and shakers in the “new vision” of banking including Brett King, Scott Anthony, James Gardner, Derek Sivers, Richard Kelly and Andrea Kershaw, Gordon Cooper, Oliver Weidlich, Scott Bales and other leading experts. View the presentations online.

Although this is a different audience than I am use to presenting to, I found tremendous interest in the work in the Philippines to incorporate mobile money to better enable banking services.

John Owens talks about emerging markets at #NBASG12 from Next Bank Asia on Vimeo.

Albert van den Broek summed up the event in an excellent blog article Next Bank Asia the Tedtalk of Banking where he shared the main take aways from the conference, which included:

  • The evolving consumer and market
  • The big shift in banking
  • The growing dominance of digital and mobile
  • The power of design
  • The future organizational culture
  • The booming technology opportunity

I learned a lot during the two-day conference in terms of looking toward the future of financial services and what this will mean for consumers as well as banks.  The growing role of mobile technologies and the rise of social networking tools are dramatically changing the way people will “bank”.  Banks that are able to adapt and incorporate new technologies and branchless banking opportunities will thrive and others who do not will go the way of many other brick and mortar businesses that can no longer compete in a growing digital and mobile world.