From Rags to Reaching New Heights through Mobile Payments – Hazel the Seamstress

Hazel is a seamstress at Bibota Industries, a garments shop that began many years ago making rags that sold at 2 US cents per piece.

With the help of microfinance loans through Green Bank, the company gained reliable and prompt access to credit which kept the business going and growing.

In the past, Green Bank’s account officer would travel 45 minutes by motorcycle to collect loan repayments. A recent innovation of Green Bank now allows Bibota Ind to send payments using their mobile phone via the bank’s Text-A-Payment service. Transactions are cheaper and almost instant for both the borrower and the bank. Mobile payments allow borrower and bank to use their time and resources for more productive work.

Bibota has come a long way and now supplies garments to some of the the country’s leading signature clothing chains.

Truly, a story from “Rags” to “Reaching new heights” through mobile payments and microfinance.