Money Themed Slot Machine Games

Some of the best online casino games help me deal with stress from studying 24/7! I love playing on my phone and earning real money from time to time. I decided to talk about my favorite slots games that you can also try in any online casino.

Why I Love Online Casino Games About Money

Do you know what has been my most preferred way of procrastination over the course of the last two years? Slots games. And live roulette tables at Global casino that you can find right here, which in my experience are paying out a lot. I just love online casino games. There is a reason why it is my most preferred way to spend leisure time: I regularly win small amounts of money and never spend too much. And the French online casinos are the perfect solution for that! Take advantage of their lucrative bonus offers and find them easily by paying a visit to this guide.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Two years ago I said bye-bye to my high school and went to college. It’s more than boring for a nerdy girl like me. I don’t really like partying and spend most of my time on my phone. I’m studying finances and want to become a stockbroker sometime in the future. As of right now, I have two hobbies and both of them are on my phone: online casino games and stock trading.

The latter one is very fun and enjoyable, but I don’t have a big amount of money to start day trading safely. Slots games in a legal casino require way less money and also allow me to win a buck or two which is a great reward for a college student with a debt bigger than Alaska!

I think I got lucky by winning a big sum with a no deposit casino bonus that I got in a certain online casino. I used the money to continue playing and even made deposits in several other mobile casinos where I play with real money. In fact, I will share my secret with you: always go for top-rated casino sites. Don’t waste any more of your precious time. Everything you need is right here. Don’t worry, I know how to control my bankroll. I read everything there is to read about careful gambling.

Themed Slot Games

Given my current interests, I love playing games related to finances. Something about games inspired by banks and money makes me excited. Here are several slots that I love:

  • Bust the Bank is a funny little slot game that you can play with bonus funds in some casinos. I love this game but don’t play it regularly since it is featured in most online casinos with instant play. Mobile casinos rarely have games from Microgaming. I’m not planning to bust a bank, but the game definitely has a lot of charm! Play this game, as well as many other popular slots free of charge, by claiming this fantastic deal. Anything you manage to win, you get to keep for yourself.
  • Piggy Bank from 1×2 Gaming is a pretty cool game about adorable piggies and their banks. Collecting money for the future is what I do right now by managing my finances as well as I can. This game is great entertainment for me. One of the best online casino games and runs great on my smartphone (some fancy apps can turn my phone into a potato). No download required!

Why I Favor The “Dollar” In Slot Games

While I consider myself a practically minded person with big aspirations, I’m not a full-time agnostic. I believe in fate and lucky charm. However, I think that we choose our charms and I picked the “dollar” sign. I have a couple of little dollar-shaped toys and keychains with dollar signs. I think that this symbol is something that will bring me more money and luck!

All slots games with this sign are my favorites. These slots may lack the visual finesse of some other apps, but I still love these simplistic games featuring my lucky charm!