MABS Tips, Guidelines and Informational Materials

•    MABS Disaster Preparedness and Management Kit

Mobile Phone Banking Training Materials

•    Exercises
•    Nokia Phone Financing (Generic Documents)
•    Report Templates

Mobile Phone Banking Accreditation Kit

•    Bank Application to Offer G-Cash Services
•    BSP Letter – No Objection Notice Required (September 18, 2008)
•    BSP No Objection Notice Template
•    GCash UAT Test Script
•    GXI Bank Application Form
•    GXI Batch Registration Form
•    GXI BPI Settlement Bank Agreement
•    GXI List of Settlement Banks
•    GXI Secretary Certificate
•    MOA for GXI-Bank GCash Accreditation
•    Checklist of MPB Requirements

Mobile Phone Banking Manuals

•    Contingency Plan
•    Risk Management
•    Security Policy
•    Text-A-Deposit
•    Text-A-Payment
•    Text-A-Remittance
•    Text-A-Withdrawal

Mobile Phone Banking Presentations

•    Globe GCash 101 – RBAP Accreditation Training
•    Mobile Banking Tools and Kits
•    G-Cash Menu-Driven Interface – Guide version
•    Implementing Mobile Phone Banking
•    Introduction to MPB Services
•    Mobile Phone Banking Security and Internal Control
•    Mobile Phone Banking Contingency Plan
•    Mobile Phone Banking Services Fundamentals
•    Mobile Phone Banking Services Introduction – Expectation Setting
•    Reporting and Monitoring MPB Services

BSP Circulars

•    694: Amendment of Regulations on the Establishment of Other Banking Offices and Notes to Microfinance
•    685: Rules and Regulations for the Recognition and De-recognition of Microfinance Institution Rating Agencies
•    683: Marketing, Sale and Servicing of Microinsurance Products
•    680: Rules and Regulations for the Provision of Micro-Agri Loans
•    678: Rules and Regulations for the Approval and Provision of Housing Microfinance
•    624: Amended Branching Policy and Guidelines

Rules and Regulatory Frameworks

•    R.A. 10001: Reducing the Taxes on Life Insurance Policies
•    National Strategy for Microinsurance
•    National Regulatory Framework for Microinsurance
•    Supreme Court’s Rule of Procedure for Small Claims Court
•    Supreme Court’s FAQ Brochure on Small Claims Court


MicroSave Briefing Notes

•    BN 66 POS vs Mobile Phone
•    BN 67 Communication Formats for M-banking
•    BN 68 Strategic Partnerships for M-banking
•    BN 69 Incentivising 3rd Party Agents for M-banking
•    BN 70 Pilot  Rollout Strategies for M-banking
•    BN 71 Creating a Tipping Point for M-banking

Forms and Agreement Letters

•    Microinsurance Pro Forma Agreement
•    Microinsurance Letter of Intent
•    Microfinance Practitioners’ Declaration: A Commitment to Sustainable, Safe and Consumer-friendly Delivery of Financial Services (Signed on April 5, 2011)

Other Handouts

•    List of Greenhills Shopping Center Merchants Accepting GCASH
•    MABS Monthly Highlights & News Briefs
•    MABS Microinsurance Partners (PDF / Excel File)
•    RBAP Mobile (Demo)